Hyderabad, the city of pearls...

A city with a history spanning more than 400 years, Hyderabad has worn many royal hats in the centuries gone by. The city of Nizams, once popular for its palaces and pearls, Hyderabad in 2017 is standing at the threshold of donning another glorious hat. One of being the Entrepreneurship Capital of India.

 A global second home to giants like Amazon, Google, Apple and Uber amongst many others, Hyderabad in the recent years has been the bustling breeding ground for most innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the country. The city has created a holistic environment with dedicated entrepreneurship facilities and has also set up a robust infrastructure, both physical and technological.

 The city's tech parks, multiplexes and numerous corporate headquarters also contribute immensely to making Hyderabad one of the biggest and most efficient IT-Hubs not only in India but also the world. The IT city, alongside the global corporate clusters in west Hyderabad, has gone on to earn a name for itself - Cyberabad. A microcosm of the city’s entrepreneurial endeavours, Cyberabad has been a key driver in boosting the startup ecosystem in and around the city.