Benefits of affiliation program to your university/institute

  • Two faculty members of your university/institute can be nominated to attend the conference without the registration fee, which otherwise would cost as much as $375 per person. They will however, need to make their own travel and stay arrangements (like all other conference delegates).
  • Additional faculty/students of the Institute may participate at a discount rate of $190 per person.
  • Your university/institute will be recognized as an Affiliate of the Conference, and its name will be printed in the conference program bulletin,  at the ISMA Web site and within the conference CD.
  • Name and website url of affiliating institutions will be added on the ISMA website.
  • Your university/institute will get a free subscription to the
  • Stress Management Professional: an International Journal ($200 value) for one year. The journal web site is:


Required Contribution

A token contribution of US $500 will be required to affiliate with the conference. The last date to receive your letter of interest along with payment is April 30, 2019. It is however, advisable to send your interest letter at the earliest so that we can post your university/institute name on the conference web site and other forums.