Paper presentations: Oral presentations of 15 minutes organised into concurrent themed sessions. Presenters should aim for 12 minutes content, with up to 3 minutes for questions and discussion. 

Poster presentations: With a visually stimulating and clearly presented a visual poster to convey the key points, the poster sessions enable direct interaction between presenters and congress delegates. Posters will be grouped according to a theme.

 Paper Presentation in-Absentia
Those who cannot come to Hyderabad but wish to present a paper in absentia are encouraged to submit their abstract by July 30, 2019. Papers presented in absentia are eligible to be included in the conference proceedings. A processing fee of US $150 (foreign) or Rs. 3000/-(Indian) should be paid for each paper submitted for presentation in absentia. Abstracts of papers will be printed in the program bulletin and the author who registers in absentia will be sent the conference CD and the conference bulletin by December 15, 2019. 

 For registering paper in absentia, click here: Registration form

Virtual Paper Presentation: Non-attending  International Authors

If you wish your paper to be published in the ICSM2019 Proceedings, but you are not able to attend the ICSM2019 Conference in person, you can register for a “virtual presentation”.

The instructions for virtual authors are:

Virtual authors should submit their abstracts for evaluation before the deadline: 3oth June 2019

When an abstract is accepted, the full paper should be submitted online before 30th September, 2019.

Virtual presentations will not be simultaneous. Virtual authors will be able to present their papers as follows:

In addition to the paper submission, virtual authors can optionally submit a PowerPoint presentation (with video and/or audio). These presentations will be uploaded onto the conference website, in a special virtual section.

This virtual section will enable all participants to have access to all the virtual presentations during and after the event, without having any limitations linked to time zone differences, considering the large amount of countries from all continents that will be participating in ICSM2019.

The deadline for submitting this PowerPoint presentation/video is October, 20th, 2019. Submissions should be made online.

Virtual authors will be contacted by conference participants in the case of technical questions regarding their virtual paper and/or presentations. A platform will be provided to all delegates with this purpose.

Accepted abstracts and papers will be included in the ICSM2018 Proceedings. 

Virtual participants should register online from 1st January on wards (Super Early Bird ) but before 30th September 2019.

Registered virtual authors will receive a copy of the ICSM2019 Proceedings, a participation certificate and an invoice of the registration fee. The shipment will be made by courier after the conference dates.

 Submit Paper Abstract Online