Since its inception in 2013, the Indian Stress Management Association (ISMA) has been steadfast in recognizing and honoring outstanding professionals and organizations in the field of stress, performance, and wellness through the National Stress Management Awards and ICSMP Awards. These prestigious accolades have been a highlight of ISMA's annual conferences, serving as a platform to acknowledge noteworthy contributions.

A significant milestone was reached in 2021 with the establishment of the ISMA Federation, uniting professionals and chapters worldwide under a common umbrella. Embracing a global perspective, ISMA extend invitations annually for nominations from its chapters across the globe to identify deserving individuals and organizations for the coveted awards. The nominations showcase a diverse array of contributions in research, training, and awareness related to stress, performance, and wellness.

After careful consideration of the nominations and a thorough evaluation of the nominees' impactful efforts, the committee unveil the recipients of the ISMA Federation International Awards. These remarkable individuals and organizations have left an indelible mark on the field, offering evidence-based insights and interventions that have significantly contributed to advancing our understanding and practices in stress management, performance enhancement, and overall well-being.


Let's take a moment to reflect on the profiles of year-wise recipients who have set the standard for excellence in the realm of stress, performance, and wellness. Their exemplary work serves as inspiration for the future of this dynamic field, and we are proud to celebrate their accomplishments as we usher in a new era of recognition and innovation

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