ISMA Federation International Awardees For The Year 2023

Prof. E. Kevin Kelloway
Prof. E. Kevin Kelloway Saint Mary’s University, Halifax Nova Scotia


Prof. E. Kevin Kelloway has received numerous accolades, including the SMU President’s Award for Excellence in Research in 2007
Founder & Director of Ph.D. Program for the Saint Mary's Faculty of Commerce, the founding Director of the CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, and a founding principal of the Centre for Leadership Excellence. In 2009, he was appointed as the Tier I Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology.
Past Chair of the Canadian Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and as the President of the Canadian Psychological Association in 2016
Fellow of various prestigious organizations such as the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Canadian Psychological Association.
Dr. Kelloway has authored over 200 articles, book chapters, and technical reports, along with 14 books.

Prof. Michael Lieter
Prof. Michael Lieter Professor Emeritus At Acadia University


Dr Michael is an Honorary Professor of Organizational Psychology at Deakin University in Melbourne Australia. He previously held the Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health at Acadia University in Canada. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, MA from Vanderbilt University
His initiatives through Michael Leiter & Associates have focused on improving the quality of work life through enhancing civility and respect among colleagues. His intervention work on improving respect and civility at work has demonstrated a close link with reduced burnout and greater work engagement.
He has published widely on job burnout, work engagement, and workplace civility. Google Scholar has recorded over 110,000 citations of his writings.

Dr. Laura Ginesi
Dr. Laura Ginesi University Of East Angelia, UK


Dr. Laura's contributions go beyond the classroom; she is a co-author and contributor to several books and has created numerous articles, booklets, and factsheets for the voluntary sector. Her writing covers various topics, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Dementia Care, and Workplace Well-being, showcasing a holistic, person-centered approach and robust evidence from health sciences.
Her post-doctoral research into salt intake and blood pressure control coincided with the emergence of nutrition science, sparking a lasting interest in stress management and public health nutrition.
Laura's 35+ year career in academia has seen her lead and coordinate teams, contribute to innovative learning programs, and achieve recognition as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the ISMA.
Now semi-retired and focusing on writing and podcasting, Dr Ginesi continues to make a significant impact as an Associate Tutor at the University of East Anglia.

Dr. M.  Gloria Gonzalez - Morales
Dr. M. Gloria Gonzalez - Morales Claremont Graduate University, USA


Dr. M.  Gloria Gonzalez earned European PhD in 2006 from the University of Valencia (Spain) in the work and organizational psychology interuniversity doctoral program. She was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at George Mason University and postdoctoral fellow at University of Delaware (funded through the Army Research Institute) before starting at University of Guelph in May 2010
The WW Lab is a feminist research lab that welcomes scholars interested in employee health, flourishing, and belonging through the disciplines of occupational health psychology and positive organizational psychology
González-Morales is associate editor of Journal of Business and Psychology and Work & Stress Journal. She also serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Stress & Health, and Occupational Health Science.
González-Morales has more than 15 years of experience consulting for organizations from Canada, Europe, and the U.S. in different sectors. As executive director of Organization & Management Solutions, she led more than 20 consulting projects in diverse areas of practice. These included competency modeling and recruitment and selection systems; organizational development and change; needs analysis; PMS; engagement surveys; as well as leadership and team development and training.