The negative effects of stress have considerable damage on the learning, work performance and wellbeing of an employee. The loss of productivity due to stress alone runs into hundreds of billions of dollars across the world. Active research is going on to understand and establish stress dynamics and prudent management interventions.

Since stress has proven impact on productivity, it is no more an individual concern, there is a dire need to address stress subject by the organisations comprehensively and professionally. Stress management interventions will ensure safety, wellbeing and performance of workforce. 


Against the above backdrop, ISMAIND, ni-msme and SML jointly proposed to organize a three- day International Conference on Stress Management Professional (ICSMP2014) on 6th, 7th  and 8th November 2014 at ni-msme campus, Hyderabad.

The overall theme of the ICSMP2014 conference is “enhancing productivity with wellbeing at workplace”.


Methodology of the Conference

More participatory methodology, like, Presentations, panel discussions, case experiences, Paper presentations etc. is being used in the conference. Delegates will have an opportunity to participate in the micro sessions on the topic / theme of their interest. They can have informal get-togethers and interaction with leading scientists and practitioners which may provide an exciting forum for learning about the latest developments on the translation of research into practice and workplace programs, polices, practices and other efforts to prevent stress in today's competitive environment.


Who can participate?  

The conference invites faculty members, researchers, human resource professionals, healthcare professionals, business and organizational representatives, labor leaders, industry representatives, general public administrators, medical, para-medical, alternative therapists and practitioners of psychology from all disciplines who are involved in practice and/or research in areas related to stress and performance from India and abroad.


Benefits of attending the conference

Participants will get insight about stress dynamics and coping methods at various working conditions.

Participants can build good professional network. 

Participants will get an opportunity to find various techniques and strategies for performance and wellbeing.

Professional contribution in enhancing productivity will result into a healthy work, sound culture, harmonious industrial relations and holistic  well-being of individuals in society


ICSM Flagship Pre-Conference Workshop " Stress Safety Net (SSN) Implementation for Agile Workforce" brochure


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